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After 20 years as a full time professional photographer, it's time to travel back to my roots to where I was inspired to become a photographer in the first place.Travel photography is one the the most rewarding ways to capture the atmosphere of your holiday.

Travelling and photography go hand in hand. If you want to become a better photographer then you’re more than welcome to join me on one of my tours. These tutoring tours are great for beginners, serious amateurs and for those who like an active, fun and stimulating holiday.


If there is a particular destination you or a group of friends have in mind (where there's a great opportunity to take some fantastic photos) please contact me. I will carry out the relevant research and plan a customised package.








Welcome to my photographic tutoring holidays. My goal is simple, enjoy your holiday and become a better photographer by the end of your trip. Training will be relaxed, practical and friendly. All people are welcome regardless of age or experience.

I believe in teaching in a hands on practical way on location, groups will be kept to maximum of 4 people. We will mainly concentrate on understanding the manual controls on your camera, which will really improve your photography and is not as daunting as people think . We will cover the basics of composition, depth of field, exposure and shutter speed. Tutoring will be tailored to each person’s level that they are currently working at. I will also have Photoshop on a laptop and during your trip we will be looking at the basics of using this photographic editing software. You will be taught the advantages of taking RAW images and the processing of these photos in Photoshop. Afterwards we will also cover the best ways of backing up your photos.

For landscape photography Neutral Density Graduated Filters can be used in a creative way. We will be looking at these throughout your trip. Neutral Density filters are mainly used to balance up the exposure within your photo, usually between the bright sky and land. Also, as part of the filter range we will be using the small and bigger stopper range for creative long exposure.

At the end of your holiday there will be an opportunity for you to share your favourite images with the rest of the group.


Book any photographic tuition holiday within the next couple of months

and receive a 10% discount.


The next dates & destinations for booking your photographic tuition holiday are:

6th-8th June 2019
10th-13th June 2019
1st-5th October 2018
22nd-27th October 2018
31st Oct-5th November 2018
8th-13th November 2018