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There are plenty of pleasant surprises in store for those who have enough courage to explore the network of ancient cave houses, emerald pine forests and merchants' trading paths that lay deep in Tenerife's rural heartlands as well as the most remote corners of the exuberant island.

It is well worth taking your camera as there are great opportunities to take some wonderful photographs on your walk.




















Walks in Tenerife

1. Masca
The best walk in Tenerife- a three hour hike from the picturesque and historic Masca Village to the beach takes you through a prehistoric landscape straight from Jurassic Park. A challenging but rewarding walk. Best to pre-book tickets for the boat back to Los Gigantes to avoid the 3 hour return hike.

2. Barranco del Infierno (Hell's Ravine)
Close to the coast of Costa Adeje, this three hour, round trip ends in the most unexpected feature in Tenerife- a waterfall. It is important to have correct foot wear and plenty of water. (This walk is currently closed).

3. Cruz del Carmen to Chinamada
This walk takes you back in time with ancient forests and steep mountain ravines to a hamlet where the locals live in cave houses. Situated in the North of the island it is mountainous with countless shades of green. Most certainly requires warm clothing.

4. Rambla del Castro
If you want to be surrounded by banana plantations, palm groves and a miniature castle then Rambla del Castro is perfect. This stunning walk along the Los Realejos coast rewards you with excellent photo opportunities of the historically eroded Castle of Rambla.

5. La Fortaleza (The Fort)
Travel out of this world into El Teide National Park to explore a section of the north crater wall. This walk is straightforward but not for the faint-hearted as there are significant changes in altitude.

6. The Erjos Pools
This rural delight allows us to experience beautiful pools filled with wildlife. Ducks, dragonflies and spectacular views are all part of the delightful two hour hike. Despite Tenerife being a dry sunny island, the Erjos pools come as a surprise.

7. Chinyero
Chinyero was the site of the last volcanic eruption in Tenerife which occurred in November 1909. What makes this walk particularly unique is the fact that the ground is entirely black and twists through emerald pine forests for as far as you can see, as you walk with El Teide in front view. Today its lava has travelled as far as Santiago del Teide, Garachico, Icod and Guía de Isora.

8. Los Órganos
The basaltic pillars of rock, about 100m - 150m high overlooking the village of Aguamansa and the grand Orotava valley in the north of the island, emerald fields, and a sea of clouds are just part of what is waiting to be explored high up in the upper La Orotava Valley. (This walk is currently closed)

9. Pico Viejo (The Old Peak)
Pico Viejo is a volcano located on the island of Tenerife . You are able to take the cable car to just below the peak of Mount Teide and follow the path to Pico Viejo for a sensational view over the volcanic crater with Tenerife’s neighbouring islands in sight- of La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro.

10. Geranium Walk
And finally the most relaxing walk of all, with many stops on the way. Located in the sunny South of Tenerife, you will be able to take a more leisurely walk along the 9 km palm tree lined promenade that runs from Los Cristianos to La Caleta. This wonderful walk connects 12 beaches, restaurants and shops along the way, allowing you plenty of time to reflect on the beauty of the true Canarian paradise that awaits us.