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Shutter release

I always find this a very important part of the camera kit that sometimes gets overlooked. I have purchased a few shutter release cables over the years with some not lasting that long at all. After reading the reviews on the RFN-4s wireless remote shutter release I decided to take the plunge and buy one. They’re not cheap at around £90 so I expected it to be good - one transmitter, one receiver and two AAA batteries are in the box. What I like is that the receiver is small and screws onto the camera body with no cables trailing, no chance of any movement from the camera when using. I personally leave it on the camera body all day when I’m shooting. The remote can be used up to 100 meters, I’ve had no need to try this out. The only thing on the negative side at the moment is that it seems very expensive for what it is, feels a little cheap as it’s made of plastic. I would also like to see more weather protection on the device.



Travel Tripod Review

When it comes to choosing a new tripod, I’m a little fussy. First things first, I do my research and then I decide to have a closer hands-on look. The tripod I’m looking at is the Manfrotto Befree. I’ve purchased other Manfrottos before. One for my large 5x4 format camera and one for my medium/35mm format. These are still working well after years of use, but a little too heavy to carry abroad.

After having a good look and not being disappointed with Manfrotto in the past I decide to purchase the Befree for £120. I was due to fly out to Tenerife in the next few days and it was small enough to fit in my hand luggage, that’s a plus when you’re flying with a budget airline.

The information on the box says, ‘Befree the foldable tripod’, perfect for your travels with a 10 year warranty.

- Maximum height 144cm with 4 sections

- Folds down to 40cm

- Weighs 1.4kg

- Made of aluminium

- Come with a Befree ball head kit

- Can hold a maximum weight of 4kg

As I was traveling with my Nikon d810 and the Nikon 24-70mm lens weighing just under 2kg, I was happy with what it said on the box.

So after traveling around with it for 7 days, this is my conclusion:

- It is light to carry

- It does fold down to a very small size

- It comes with its own case that you can carry on your shoulder

- It’s easy to set up and attach the camera

Did I feel safe attaching my camera to the ball head kit?

Landscape - yes with trepidation. However if I turned the camera to portrait, I didn’t. Or should I say only with a hand hovering under the camera on a very still day.

Overall the tripod is fine to throw in your hand luggage when travelling abroad as long as your camera and lens don’t weigh more than 2kg. Make sure you take a shutter release cable to avoid movement when taking photos or use the camera timer, avoid long exposures on breezy days. I will use it again when I’m abroad. When I’m back in the UK I will suffer one of the more heavy duty tripods.