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If you are looking to capture something quaint, the legendary Sabina tree is perfect for you. This tree is over 8 metres high and is situated in the Sabine de La Dehesa. It is currently listed as a Protected Natural Area. What amazes tourists and visitors is how the tree continues to grow in the most inhospitable places - for example on rocks with no soil and little water. Due to a windy location, the tree is uniquely twisted and bound and even touches the floor with some of its branches. It is captivating and iconic. Over the years the Sabina tree has become a symbol of the island of El Hierro and is now a popular tourist attraction.






The peaceful Canary Island of El Hierro is the smallest of the seven main Canary Islands with a population of just below 11,000. Although small, El Hierro is packed with compelling photographic opportunities. From natural volcanic sculptures and lava fields, to pine with green meadows and fresh forests.

There are several natural pools which are a 'must' whilst in the island of El Hierro, one is the Charco Azul (Blue Lagoon). The Charco Azul is a delightful surprise lagoon tucked away at the bottom of a cliff. As the sun shines through the gaps in the rocks reflecting onto the clear blue water it creates a mysterious cave-like pool. We will also be visiting Punta Grande, where the smallest Hotel in world is located.

Alternatively, located in the capital town Valverde, Charco Manso is one of the most enchanting sites on the island. With spectacular views, this area offers a series of natural volcanic arches which have been formed due to millions of years of erosion. You are able to watch the waves beat against the rocks and take multiple photos from different angles of the arches. There is even a swimming area where you can bathe and relax, with clear calm waters - pure tranquillity.